Chiro PAC


What is ChiroPAC?

Chiropractic in Florida, or ChiroPAC, is the FCA’s state political action committee.

By making contributions to candidates for state office, ChiroPAC is your voice in the political process, and the only PAC that specifically works on a large level to elect pro-chiropractic candidates to the Florida House of Representatives and Senate.

Through your support, FCA and ChiroPAC can continue to fight exclusively for chiropractic by working to elect members of the Florida Legislature who have a proven record of support for chiropractic healthcare, and are willing to fight for the chiropractic profession.

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Remember: State legislation strongly and directly affects your practice!

Your Support Matters!

Supporting ChiroPAC is an essential part of our individual responsibility to support the Chiropractic profession. We should all support ChiroPAC because we state laws profoundly impact our ability to make a living and serve our patients. Show your support for our profession, our livelihood, and, most importantly, our future. We need to continue to fight hard now and be proactive, making sure our voice is heard and message is clear, because later may be too late!

ChiroPAC has made more progress through legislative action than by any other means. We must keep our voice in the legislative arena loud and strong. Your support of ChiroPAC builds our strength to advocate in our behalf.

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BCCS and ChiroPAC appreciate your support!

ChiroPAC Committees

The ChiroPAC Committee is comprised of FCA member DC’s who have demonstrated consistent, outstanding support of chiropractic political action through ChiroPAC, and actively and directly support friends of chiropractic running for state office in their local communities. These individuals clearly understand the significant and direct impact of state laws on chiropractic, and have been leaders in their profession through monetary support and a high level of political activity. They are assisted by the FCA lobby team in setting policy, and making decisions on individual candidate support.

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